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    web question

    Hi does anyone know why behind some web sites there is (more results from this site). some sites have them and some don't. Another question I search for something it took me to a old not a update link. when I clicked on a link and went back it took me to the updated link. How often will the search engines update these old links? Can anyone answer or point me to someone that can answer my questions. Thanks for all your help

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    Re: web question

    It sounds like you are describing the results from a query given to a search engine such as Google . . .?

    At a guess:

    More results from this site
    Google has recognised that the search has shown up an above average of hits for a particular site. Clicking on the link repeats the search but limits it only to results returned from that particular website.

    How often will the search engines update these links?
    A good question. I would say it is basically down to three things:
    1] The number of times a query returns a result from that site and is clicked on by the searcher.
    2] If the site has recently been (re-)submitted to the search engine for inclusion in its database.
    3] If the website pays some sort of fee to the search engine.


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