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    database security (XP)

    i need 2 groups to have different permissions. i am struggling with setting up the security. tried from scratch, tried using the wizard. any advice? problem is that it seems like when the users join my workgroup file, it is then their default workgroup file, so then every database they open, the must provide a name and password. can that be changed so that they only need that for the secure database? as the creator of the security, i had the option to have a shortcut on my desktop to that database and security file. but, all other databases use the default workgroup file. what is the best way to set this up? it is a database of employees, so there is salary info that is restricted. any help on security is welcome! it just seems quite different in XP. thanks!!

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    Re: database security (XP)

    Your users should NOT join the secured workgroup, they should remain members of the default unsecured System.mdw.

    You should provide the users with a shortcut that opens the database with the scured workgroup. The target of the shortcut looks like this:

    "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice10MsAccess.exe" "Path_and_name_of_database" /wrkgrp "path_and_name_of_secured_workgroup"

    Take a look at the website of Access moderator <!profile=WendellB>WendellB<!/profile>; there is a link in his profile. Under Support > Tutorials, you'll find an overview of Access security with lots of useful links.

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