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    Hard Drive with DDO

    In order to install an 80Gb hard drive on my old system (wouldn't recognize anything over 32Gb) I had to use Dynamic Disk Overlay but when I tried to clone my old (smalller) hard drive using Norton's it said it wouldn't work because of the DDO. I have now upgraded my computer (Pentium 4 but still running Win 98 for now) and have my old drive as master and the new drive as slave. How do I get rid of the DDO on the new drive, I have tried reformatting it but Ghost still won't clone it. I want my computer to look at the new drive as if it just came out of the box.

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    Re: Hard Drive with DDO


    What DDO did you use to originally install it?
    Most HD utilities that come with the HD will also have an option to UN-install the DDO.
    Just reformatting will not get rid of the DDO. ( as you found out ) The removal utility plus re-partitioning, then re-formatting the HD is what you will have to do. Of course, you will lose whatever is now on the HD.
    So run the HD utility and look for a removal option. If your drive is Maxtor or Western Digital you can download the utility from thier websites. Most probably any other types will also have them available for you.


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