We managed to get an infection in one system and it sought out unprotected network shares and managed to infect executables on other machines. Win98 allows a password to be set up on a share, but I havn't found anything of the sort for Win2k (or XP). The only option I was able to find was to limit access to specific users; the nature of the folders requires that users have full access to the folder (some put files in my folders for me to work on; other times I put files there I need to pull up from other computers). Unfortunately this seems to imply that I have to trust those users to not get infected? I don't like that, and I certainly hope that I am wrong. Our network 'specialist' said that our Win2k/XP machines should be safe due to 'user authentication', but the dozen or so infected files on my computer imply otherwise.

[On a somewhat more positive note, at least with this outbreak I was able to see a benefit of the System File Checker -- when for no apparent reason Win2k started popping off about having to restore system files, and then the users says 'well, I got this strange email message...' it immediately sent up a whopper of a red flag. Unfortunately, she did not turn out to be the original source of infection in our system, but at least now she knows the three-step response the next time she even suspects a virus: Unplug the network cable or shut down, whichever can be done fastest/easiest; do the other; call for help.]