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    Updateability (2000 SP3)

    I have come across many situations of queries being updateable for no earthly reason that I can work out. Maybe someone can help me with this latest one. The first query in the cascade involves a union query, but one that does not include the table to be updated, and at no time do I attempt to update any of the fields in the union query. I have set all the select query properties in the cascade to allow inconsistent updates.

    Of course I could make a table and then update from that, but this obviously abolishes the necessary dynamic nature of the query.

    Attached is database with query and table designs. When I run UpdateLNFLWithSpecificAgeInfoFromSurveys I receive the error "operation must use an updateable query".

    Thanks for the insights.

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    Re: Updateability (2000 SP3)

    Could you please repost the database with some dummy data, not a lot, but enough to see something?

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    Re: Updateability (2000 SP3)

    I agree with Hans that we need a bit of sample database in order to really nail down what's going on, but I very much suspect it's the union query doing you in. Since it is one of the joins in you update query, Access automatically sets the property to be not updateable - Access 2000 is a fair bit more restrictive on updatability than earlier versions.

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