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Thread: transfer (1998)

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    transfer (1998)

    Hi someone did a web site for us in frontpage 2000. she can no longer do it, we have frontpage 98 can we import the information then make the changes we want then us in front page 98 publish is out? will everything work like it should? I went to preview and everything seems to work.
    also does anyone know of a free space where i can publish this just to see how it looks on the internet.

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    Re: transfer (1998)

    I believe in theory that yes, everything should work OK.

    I'm afarid I have no experience of FP98 so this is just guesswork:
    If you are publishing to a web that has FP2000 Server Extensions installed, I would expect is that any FP 'components' already in place will still work. Any new components that you want to add that were new to FP2000 you will not have the facilities to add, but if it is straightforward HTML, you should be OK.

    See MSKB FP2000: Components That Require FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions for a list of components that would be available in FP2000 - if you can't find them in FP98 you won't be able to add or modify them easily. What's New in FrontPage? may also help you find out what you now can't do.

    FP 2000 and 2002 have a Preview in Browser option under the File menu - if that is available in FP98 that may be your best option to try the web out. I would be surprised if any free web hosts would offer the FP Server Extensions - if you have components installed that need the SE, you could always download them and publish locally for a full preview.

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