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    Security ? (Access 2000)

    I 'm using (access 2000) as a front end app with linked tables to a back end db application. I used the user level security wizard to create a new work group in the front end of the db. The security works great. The problem is in the back end db. There's no security on that. How can I add security to the back end by using the same work group file? The work group file has all the user groups and permisssion already set in it. I don't see a way to add that security to the back end db. I would like to botrh front and backends to share the same security. Any thoughts? Thanks...

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    Re: Security ? (Access 2000)

    Access moderator <!profile=WendellB>WendellB<!/profile> has a tutorial on security on his website (link in his profile; look for Support > Tutorials). It contains an overview, and many useful links. In particular, take a look at ACC2000: Microsoft Access Security FAQ Available in Download Center - it contains tips about securing front end and back end databases.

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