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    record numbers in reports (access 2000)

    I have a table with, let's say, 100 entries (names and corresponding data). I want to print a report "A" sorting those entries in alphabetical order.
    In the report, each entry is one page.
    I then want to make an index sheet (report "B") showing the entry name and the corresponding page number, so you can go directly to the page you are looking for.
    The data entered was not originally in alphab. order so I created a query sorting in alphab. order and created report "A" using the query. How do I get the corresponding page numbers to appear in the index report "B"?

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    Re: record numbers in reports (access 2000)

    See ACC2000: How to Create a Table of Contents or Index for a Report. This MSKB article contains a description of how to do this, and a link to download a sample reports database that illustrates the technique.

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    Re: record numbers in reports (access 2000)

    There is a trick associated with reports that is the most common technique. <!mskb=296245>Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 296245<!/mskb> which is titled "How to Print Line Number for Each Record/Group on a Report" gives you the details - basically, you use the Running Sum property of a control, and start it at 1. Post back if you have trouble making it work.

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