I recently came across what I regard as a serious problem, and I'm curious to know why it occurred and if anyone else had the same problem.

On our office server, we have personal project folders where we keep all our working files related to a project. The path to this would be something like F:MyCoProjectsWorkingStuart Reynolds... where F: is a mapped drive on my PC (although for what I am about to say its irrelevant because the problem exists on both my machine and on the server). Recently, my folder was dragged by mistake and wound up in a colleagues folder (...WorkingFreda SmytheStuart Reynolds...). Cue severe panic all round as I couldn't find it anywhere.

So I did a search for "Stuart Reynolds" on the F: drive. It didn't find it.

It did find another folder, though, in our personnel section (which at F:MyCoManagementHuman ResourcesPersonnel RecordsStuart Reynolds... is at the same level as where my folder had been moved to). Hmm.

Eventually, having restored the folder from backup and then found the errant original, I discovered that I could only find the folder if I did a search from F:MyCoProjectsWorking. Why? I've checked the permissions, and everything seems to be OK. The security settings propogate all the way down from F: to the bottom, so it can't be that. And the problem still exists logged in as Administrator in the server.

What's going on?


(PS Both machines are Win2k with [now] SP4 although they only had SP3 and a pile of patches at the time. The problem still exists.)