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    Security, workgroups (Access 2000)

    Everytme I open a Access file, I am asked for a password. I would like to do have the happen only when a specific db is opened. I created a new workgroup file, and all my old security settings are gone. Is there a way to get those back? Also, I still get asked for a password for each database. Is there a way to avoid this? Finally, I have a excel macro which uses various 'instances' of the access db. Everytime that instance is used, I am asked for a password as well. I need to avoid that. Any Ideas?



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    Re: Security, workgroups (Access 2000)

    You should use a standard unsecured workgroup file for general use, and use a secured workgroup for use with specific database only.

    The way to do this is to join an unsecured workgroup, and to open specific secured databases by means of a shortcut that opens the database with the secured workgroup file. See for instance <post#=280530>post 280530</post#>.

    If you have set up your security correctly, you have taken away (almost) all rights from the Admin user in the secured databases, so that if someone opens it directly, without using the special shortcut, (s)he will be able to do next to nothing.

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