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I'm running Win2000 Pro and have a question about USB printer settings.

Each printer on a USB port is assigned an "Ne#" addresss, such as "Ne01", "Ne02" etc. This does not seem to relate directly to the USB port number, such as "USB001", "USB002" etc. These "Ne#'s" can be seen if you created an Excel macro to print to a USB printer and then edit the macro.

My problem is that if I add another item to a USB port all these "Ne#"s" change. I have numerous Excel macros that automatically print to my various printers (4 are on the system) and all these macros have to be edited if the "Ne#'s" change....and they do if I add another USB device to the system.

Does anyone know of a way to adjust the "Ne#'s" ...... hopefully similar to changing a printer port assignment under CONTROL PANEL, PRINTERS. If so, then I could edit the "Ne#'s" instead of all my macros each time this occurs.

Thank you,
BH DAvis