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    Stand-alone app (A2k) (SP1)

    How does one make a stand-alone application using Access 2000? Is there a way OTHER THAN spending the exorbitant amount MS wants for the SDK? This is both a security and runtime/size/memory issue for my application.

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    Re: Stand-alone app (A2k) (SP1)

    You can't make an .exe out of an Access database. The options are:

    - Apply user-level security or create an .mde database. This secures the design of your database, but still requires all users to have the full version of Access installed.
    - Make the database suitable for use with the run-time version of Access. You as a developer must have Office Developer Edition (ODE), which gives you an unlimited license to distribute the run-time environment. Users don't need to have the full version of Access installed.
    - Use a compiler such as VB6 to create a (more or less) stand-alone application that uses the Access database for data storage. If you have already developed an interface in Access, this is a lot of work, since VB forms and controls are quite different from Access forms and controls.

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