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    Stopping pop-up ads in 'XP Messenger' (XP any)

    Bruce pointed out a variant of this ad-stopping trick to me a couple of weeks ago, specifically applying to MSN Messenger 6. This article goes a bit further, but seems to be confused between Windows Messenger and MSN Messenger.

    Worth knowing, though!
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    Re: Stopping pop-up ads in 'XP Messenger' (XP any)

    Hi, John ~

    Yes, that article is a little confusing. With the advent of Messenger 6, there will no longer be 2 versions and am sure most will upgrade to such.

    Here is the trick in the simplest of terms to reduce the annoying bandwidth theft & ad rotation at the bottom of the Messenger IM client window:<UL><LI>Navigate to 'Cocuments and SettingsusernameLocal SettingsTemplinks.txt'<LI>Open 'links.txt' in Notepad<LI>Erase all the XML links or whatever and save the file<LI>Right-click 'links.txt' > 'Properties'<LI>Check 'Read-only' so Messenger will be unable to write new links to the file<LI>'Apply' > 'OK'[/list]Close and reopen Messenger from systray and now there will be one basic MSN logo instead of rotating logos.

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