Has anyone else run across this problem ??

Today after booting up I tried to use the Print function in a number of programs and was confronted by this error message -

"There was an error writing to LPT1: for the the printer (Star LC24-30) Cannot accessthe port. It may be in use another program. Quit other programs and try printing again"

I had no other programs running and my Star LC24-30 is set as the default printer

I have a 2nd printer a Lexmark 2030 and when I select this printer, the Print command works with all of my programs !!

Has anyone got any suggestions as to what's gone wrong

It is not a cable fault as I have swapped cables and the Lexmark still functions correctly with either cable

I have removed the Star printer and re-installed it several times without success so I'm completely lost as to hjow to overcome this problem

Can anyone please offer me a solution

Awaiting help

Max Rieper