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    Creating and Rotating an Object (97 or Higher)

    I created an Organizational Chart in Portrait Mode in Excel using Line Drawing and Cell Formatting. Have been asked to rotate it by 90 degrees. What is wanted is to
    somehow dump the chart as an object or a picture, import it into the appropriate program and rotate it. Rotation can be done either in the Paint style program or in Word.
    But first I have to figure out how to get the spreadsheet saved as a Graphic object.

    I though that just printing in Landscape mode rather than Portrait would achieve what was wanted. I was told that that method was not acceptable; it had to be done as outlined above.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Re: Creating and Rotating an Object (97 or Higher)

    Is this what you are after (these are from office 97, your commands may vary)

    Highlight the range of interest
    while holding the SHIFT key selecte -edit - copy picture..
    Open a blank presentation in powerpoint (eg) and select edit paste special - picture
    dbl-click the picture and convert it to Microsoft office drawing.
    While all the individual objects are selected right-click and select grouping - GROUP
    From the drawing toolbar select draw - rotate or flip - rotate right (will rotate 90 degress)


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