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    I have an old, German no-name computer from April 1998. I installed Windows 98 (UK version) over the original Windows 95 a couple years ago.

    My trusty Logitech mouse seems to be dying...responds sluggishly or not at all. I bought an (American) HP / RCA mouse but am having difficulty installing it, in two respects:

    1. My computer has only a 9-pin connection (no PS/2 or USB), so I'm connecting the new mouse through 2 adapters. When I turn on the computer (after connecting new mouse via the 2 adapters), Windows says that it couldn't find a mouse.

    2. Tried installing the drivers from the HP / RCA CD, but first time through got an error message ("SETUP9X caused a segment not present fault in module GDI.EXE at 0001:00004156 [etc.]; subsequently got "illegal operation, program will be terminated" messages. Also unable to install the drivers from Control Panel / Mouse or Control Panel / Add New Hardware (Windows couldn't find the mouse via Plug and Play and also couldn't find the drivers on the CD).

    Any suggestions?

    Low-tech can I coax my old mouse to continue working until I buy a new computer (in about 8 months)? When I take the ball out and blow on it (there's no visible dirt), the mouse works for a few days. Should I use alcohol or something special to clean the ball and the inside of the case?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Mouse

    Serial mice were always a pain; Microsoft stopped making them ages ago. I remember chucking our last one out several years back.

    Try cleaning the long rollers and (possibly) the sprung wheel inside the mouse, against which the ball rubs, but carefully, because things fly apart/all over the floor if you're too enthusiastic. You usually get a build-up of fluff/dirt/gunge just where the ball meets the roller or wheel. I find the long thin part of the plastic cap off a Bic biro works well. [Surely you know all this anyway?]. Whether this partially or completely solves the problem is a moot point!
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    Re: Mouse

    Two Things:

    1.The 9 pin serial connector. There are serial to PS2 adapters available. ( just a few $$ US ) Why are you using TWO adapters?

    2. Just opening and blowing into the mouse will NOT be enough CPR to revive it. You have to look in the mouse cavity itself and you will see two or three rollers that the mouse ball mates with. I'll BET that they are LOADED with accumulated debris and junk. That's what causes the erratic or no operation of most mice.
    Once you cam see the rollers you should use something ( like a toothpick or Q tip ) to gently scrape all of the rollers to remove this debris. Alcohol is usually NOT required to do this. Then replace the ball, making sure that it is also clean.
    This dirt problem is the main reason I converted to an optical type cleaning necessary.

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