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    Cell function problem (Excel 2000 SR-1)

    I am trying to apply conditional formatting, in which the current cell turns red if the date in the same column, row 4 is prior to the current date.
    Putting the formula =ADDRESS(4,COLUMN(),2,1) into cell CD8 displays "CD$4", which is the address of the cell containing the desired date.
    Putting the formula =CELL("contents",CD$4) into a cell properly displays 34607 the date value of Sep 5, 2003.
    However, trying to substitute the cell address in the 2nd formula with the 1st formula to produce =CELL("contents",ADDRESS(4,COLUMN(),2,1)) produces an error report. What's wrong with this formula?
    My plan is see if the result of the above formula is < today(), which appears to work with the 2nd equation above. Do you see a better/simpler ways to create this conditional formatting definition?

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    Re: Cell function problem (Excel 2000 SR-1)

    Select the range of cells you want to apply conditional formatting to. Say that the active cell in the selected range is in column CD
    Select Format | Conditional Formatting...
    Select Formula from the dropdown list.
    Enter =CD$4<TODAY() in the box next to the dropdown list.
    Specify the desired formatting.
    Click OK.

    That's it - if your selection contains multiple columns, the formula will adapt itself.

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