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    Implementation (Project 2002)

    Can someone please advise the necessary steps and software needed to implement Project 2002. Our new CEO wants mgrs. to use MS Project. Do I need to purchase Project 2002 Server as well as Project 2002 Standard for each workstation, and how do the two interact with each other. Any and all help would be appreciated, as our small company has never used Project and no one in our IT dept. has a clue as to how to proceed. Many thanks!

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    Re: Implementation (Project 2002)

    My suggestion would be to contact a local training provider and attend some classes to determine the configuration best suited to meet your requirements as well as to learn to use MS Project correctly. Like any scheduling tool, if you don't understand all of its features, you may get results you don't expect. You may also try becoming a member of the MSP Users Group to get additional help.

    Good Luck

    (It's been a while!)

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