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    Power Supply Confusion

    What is the power requirement for a Micro-ATX 2.0Ghz Celeron or 2.4GHz Pentium 4 system? This system will have two 120GB HDs, two CD-RW drives, one floppy, one PCI sound card and one x4 AGP.

    Most ATX case on the market comes with 300 or 350 watts power supply. I was wondering if I need the same level of power supply in Micro-ATX.

    My existing Micro-ATX system uses only a 145w power supply for a Celeron 1.0GHz with two 40GB HDs, two CD-RW drives, one floppy, one PCI sound card, one USB2.0 PCI controller and on-board video. Does it mean the upgrade to faster CPU requires additional 150w?

    If it is true, it is very difficult to find a Micro-ATX power supply to meet this requirement. If it is not true, why people need 350w on an ATX?

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    Re: Power Supply Confusion


    The 145 watt PSU on your existing system is really stretched out to the max. If you are looking to upgrade to a 2 gig Celeron or PARTICULARLY a P4, you will have to change your PSU to a larger size. 350 watt being a minimum.
    Micro ATX MB's take the same power plugs as an ATX, but the P4 MB's have a separate power plug for the CPU's greater power requirements. If you are keeping the Micro ATX MB, and Celeron CPU, you can use a regular ATX PSU of a sufficient wattage. These are readily available all over the net. If you go with a P4, you definitely need one that says P4 capability or something to that effect.

    It is BETTER to overrate your power supply than try to get by with one that is voltage starved.

    You only draw whatever your system calls for, not the full wattage that the supply is RATED to supply. I for instance, have a 600 watt PSU in my box. I not drawing near that amount, but I certainly shouldn't have to be concerned about low power problems. <img src=/S/nope.gif border=0 alt=nope width=15 height=15>


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