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    Combo box display

    I have a combo box on a form. I would like to have the user select a location from the list, have the location text display on the form, and store the location ID in the record. Any suggestions on how to do this would be appreciated.

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    Re: Combo box display

    If I understand your question, you want to have the combo box bound to the Location ID field you mentioned.
    Set the Control Source of the Combo Box to the Location ID field (which I assume is part of your record source of the form). For the Row Source of the Combo box, use the query builder tool to make 2 columns: LocationID for the first column and Location Text for the second column. Then set your properties to the following:<pre>Control Source: <Your ID Field Name>
    Row Source Type: Table/Query
    Row Source: <Your SQL from the builder - mentioned above>
    Bound Column: 1
    <img src=/w3timages/redline.gif width=33% height=2>
    Column Count: 2
    Column Widths: 0;1</pre>

    The Column Width settings hide the ID field and make the user see only the Text field.
    Post again if this isn't clear...Good Luck! <img src=/S/thumbup.gif border=0 alt=thumbup width=15 height=15>

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