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    user Report (Access 2000)

    Hi I am trying to create a report on user for the application, I am tracking the user by UserID and UserDate field on all tables. When the user changes the form the table will be updated with the user id and user date. I want to create a report that shows userid, user date and the possible form that was changed. I so very new to Access and don't know much on the reports. I was thinking to create a query where I select userid and userdate from all tables. Don't know if it would be possible for me to link user id and date to the actual form name. If you could help that would Great!

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    Re: user Report (Access 2000)

    Tables contain no information on the forms that might be associated with them, so you will either have to dissemble the Record Source of each form to see which tables are part of it, which is tricky, to say the least, or you will have to create a dedicated table that documents the correspondence between forms and tables.

    But I think it will be a lot of work to use this information in a report...

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