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    Help with an error on an Access Module (Access 97')

    I have a quick question that you might be able to help me with. What is (dbCW As Database) and error came up and it had this highlighted. Also where on line might I fine good information that might help me learn VB / VBA or even a good book that might help too.

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    Re: Help with an error on an Access Module (Access 97')

    The line

    dbCW As Database

    by itself is incorrect, it is part of a declaration. It should be preceded by Dim to specify that it is a declaration (or Private if you want it to be available only within the current module, or Public if you want it to be available throughout the database).

    If you still get an error on

    Dim dbCW As Database

    check Tools | References... while in any module. There should be a checked reference to the Microsoft DAO 3.5 Object Library (or 3.51), and if there are references tarting with MISSING, clear their check boxes.

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