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    Can't go back to prev page, or prev search on a pg (IE 6.0.2800.1106)

    I used to be able to enter a search, get a long list of results, look at which ever struck me as best, and then go back a page to look at the other results. Now, when I go back, I frequently get a message saying that the page has expired, that I need to refresh, which I click on, then get another message saying it will have to resend before eventually getting back to that desired previous page.
    Second problem - at work I frequently use a particular website to check for payment of invoices. I used to be able to key in the contract number, then the invoice number, hit enter, and get my results. That part still works. However, I also used to be able to just go back a page, where my previous search would still be displayed, just change the invoice number & be on my way again. No more! Now I have to rekey in the entire search. For awhile this seemed to be intermittent, but now I just lose my previous search and have to begin again.

    I thought I might need to do a repair of some sort, but perhaps there is something else I could do? Hope to receive some tips, as it is time-consuming the way it is working now!

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    Re: Can't go back to prev page, or prev search on a pg (IE 6.0.2800.1106)

    This could be caused or exacerbated by your cache settings. If you recently followed the recommendations for what was best for the Lounge, try using a different setting. In IE 6, under Tools>Options...>General

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