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    I have seen three different kind of computer case:

    Mid Tower
    Mini Tower

    Which one fits the Micro ATX mobo?
    Which one fits the ATX mobo?

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    Re: case

    An ATX can come in any of those three. It will say ATX Tower, Mid or Mini. As for as the Micro MotherBoard, I'm not sure, I have never used one. I will say this though. Just because the Case says it's for ATX does not mean the ATX MotherBoard will fit properly and allow room for CD-Rom and such. Some ATX MotherBoards are to big for Mini Towers and even some Mid Towers. I found that out the hard way. Couldn't install a CD-Rom because the Board didn't give it enough room to slide all the way into the Mid Tower. I had to find a longer Mid Tower from front to back. Learned my lesson. I always measure the MotherBoard and then the case before I buy now.
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