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Thread: Queries (2000)

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    Queries (2000)

    Hello, I am having problems getting a query to run showing the data I need. I have table "regional managers", table "sales manager", this is a one to many relation, then I have table "Agents", there is a 1 to many relation from sales managers to agents. A final table records sales leads and values with the sales agents in this table too. I need to run a query to show the regional manager, their sales managers and their agents with the sales. Currenlty I am getting nothing like I expect.

    Regards Darren.

    Regards Darren

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    Re: Queries (2000)

    It appears you should be able to create joins between the RegionalManagers table, the SalesManager table, the Agents table and the Leads table in that order. That presumes that each lead has a foreign key that links to the primary key in the Agents table. Let me suggest you post the SQL string you are trying to work with. That should let us spot any problems with it.

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    Re: Queries (2000)

    If you have created relationships among the tables already, then when creating a query using the QBE grid, when you place tables in the query, Access should automatically show the relationships. All you need then do is pick the fields you want from each table.
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