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Thread: Word/PCDOCS

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    I am posting because I am curious if anyone has PCDOCS and come across this problem in Word.
    If a user gets a document e:mailed to them in text format and saves it immediately in Word using PCDOCS, it saves as a text file. The only way to save the document as a Word document is to save the document outside of PCDOCS as a Word Document and then re-save it to a new number in DOCS. Is there a macro that could change the document type for me??????

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    Re: Word/PCDOCS

    I haven't used PCDOCS (DOCS Open/Win95/Word95) for over 3 years, but I snuck a peek at the old WordBasic macros and... what a nightmare! Anyway, certain of the DOCS functions appear to accept a show/don't-show-formats flag, while others do not.

    Two thoughts:

    (1) If the user chooses Save As, there is a better chance of getting a format choice.

    (2) If the file is saved in text format, can the user immediately Save As over the text-format file?

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    Re: Word/PCDOCS

    My experience with DOCS is that the Word Save As is disabled -- the user gets the DOCS Save window. Then Word will default to what it does -- save the document in the same file format it opened it in. At that point, DOCS doesn't really care that it's not "really" a Word file (even with a doc extension). It's possible to create a way for the user to get to the native Word Save As feature.

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