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    Internal E-mail -- Links to MS Word documents (Outlook 2002; SP-2)

    I work at a law firm and we have word processors that transcibe digital voice transmissions into legal documents using MS Word 2002. When finished, they previously e-mailed (i.e., when we were on Office 97 and Outlook 98) a link to the document (which is saved on our master document server) to the attorney indicating that the transcription process was complete. The attorney would click the shortcut link and the document would open for review and editing if required. The attorney often then e-mails the document or authorizes its printing and postal mail. We are in the process of converting from Office 97 and Outlook 98 to Office XP (2002). Outlook 2002 appears to block all links. Is there a way to have "internal" e-mail (i.e., e-mail that never leaves our domain server) to permit the e-mail of the link to the document? Is there another work around? We have already started to e-mail the actual MS Word 2002 document to the attorney, but this creates an issue in that the document is stored in the Outlook temp file and if the attorney edits it, they are not proficient enough to save it back to the master document server. This has created issues when what we believe is the master document is NOT actually the master document as it was edited on the Outlook attachment and the server document was not updated. Any suggestions are welcome as this security "feature" has created an operational nightmare for our organization. THANKS.

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    Re: Internal E-mail -- Links to MS Word documents (Outlook 2002; SP-2)

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