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Thread: Fax Printing

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    Fax Printing

    I am having trouble Getting Outlook 2000 to print faxes it recieves to my HP Deskjet 600 printer. After much searching I have determined that there is a known problem with printing faxes from the basic Outlook fax engine to some HP and Canon printers. MS says to approach the printer companies, but I know that HP has not updated its drivers for over 3 years - despite the driver for my printer being VERY buggy.

    Anway does anyone know of a workaround for this other than buying special Fax software?

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    Re: Fax Printing

    Are you using internet mail only mode (and winfax SE) or corporate mode (and ms fax)?

    Might want to check here:
    for other options, since won't get fixed on the MS side either.

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    Re: Fax Printing

    I'm using internet mail only mode and Winfax SE.

    I checked the site, and unfortunately it doesn't have a solution I can see, other than buying Bitware or Winfax Pro.

    thanks for the site though - it looks interesting.

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