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    Excel- Page Numbering (XP)

    Is there a way to number pages in Excel (to start at any number) and continue to number consectively vs customize.
    Tried to start numbering at pg 4 in File/Page Setup (Page Tab) but it numbered all other pages "4" also.

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    Re: Excel- Page Numbering (XP)

    Off top of my head 2 approaches:

    1) insert a 3 page worksheet have this sheet before the others you print. Select this sheet and the other one. The other one will start at page 4. When you print only print from 4 to end

    2) create a macro to go through each page and change the footer to start at a page and then increase by 1.

    1 would be a lot easier
    2 would be best as a before print event so it is always done. You could have the macro ask what page to start with.


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