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    vbs & enable

    I'm just learning some vbs code and I stuck. On a custom Outlook contact form, I have a check box that I want to enable / disable a text box filed.

    If Item.UserProperties("WelcomeLetterSent").Value = "False" then
    Item.UserProperties("WelcomeSentDate").enable = False
    end if
    But I get a "not supported error". What's going wrong? How do I enable / disable the text box in the vbs ?


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    Re: vbs & enable

    I use CASE statements when I do this type of thing.

    Set objGeneralPage = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("Name of your page on the form")

    'Set objGeneralControl as the target control whose
    'value will affect the properties of other controls
    Set objGeneralControl = objGeneralPage.Controls("WelcomeLetterSent")

    'Set objGeneralAffectedControlx as the control(s)
    'affected by the value of objGeneralControl
    Set objGeneralAffectedControl = objGeneralPage.Controls("WelcomeSentDate")

    'Perform actions to set the enabled and background
    'properties for the affected controls based on the
    'value of objGeneralControl
    Select Case objGeneralControl.Value
    Case "True"
    objGeneralAffectedControl.Enabled = True
    objGeneralAffectedControl.BackColor = vbWhite 'intrinsic cmd for white

    Case "False"
    objGeneralAffectedControl.Enabled = False
    objGeneralAffectedControl.BackColor = 12632256 'gray

    End Select

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