I'm new to using Visio from a VBA perspective, though I use it extensively as a standard drag-and-drop tool - I am interested in some pointers around the following scenario

I have an access database, that stores the schema from a number of huge databases - all entires have been classified by a subject area - e.g. 'Transaction Data'

I would like to offer my users the opportunity to select the required Subject Area, and then have Visio draw the necessary Table Hierarchy information in the form of a flow chart, using simple boxes and lines. This needs to be done on the fly, as ithe schemas change on a regular basis, and I would like to ensure that the users have the most up-to-date information available at any time.

The database does also contain information on table relationships (joins).

If anybody has done anything similar, or even something as simple as creating a new visio document, and adding shapes, all in code, then this would be a great start.

Kind regards