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    VBA Help Broken (Office 2000 sr1)

    I am having problems with accessing VBA Help. Although I can get into the help files for all Office VBA programs all the links are inoperative. Those that were along the top - Example, See Also, etc. - are all now little boxes with grey borders and a dot in the middle, and clicking on them doesnt do anything. All the links within the text produce an error message that tells me that a script can't be run.

    I've tried repairing the installation both from Detect and Repair and also from Control Panel, Reinstall. Neither has had any effect. Has anyone come across this and know how to fix?

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    Re: VBA Help Broken (Office 2000 sr1)

    According to MSKB article Links in HTML Help Topics Are Unavailable or No Longer Work this may be caused by some of the security patches for Internet Explorer. If that is the cause, it can be remedied by installing yet another patch, or if you're using Windows (not Office) 2000, by installing SP-4. See the MSKB article.

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