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    Count in Reports (2000)

    Hello I am trying to get a count to work on a report: I have a regional manager who is selected from a drop down, a report is then run for that regional manager. Under each regional manager there are a number of area offices. I need my report to list the number of sales leads for each area e.g.
    if I select regional manager 'Jon Smith' then a report would run to show leads as North 2, South 3, East 7. All the AOs are listed in the detail area of the report. Currently I am using count [(sales)] which lists the overall sales for the regional manager when I require them to be broken down by each area office under a given regional manager.

    Regards Darren

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    Re: Count in Reports (2000)

    If you group the report by Area Office, you can put a text box with control source =Count([Sales]) in the group footer section; this will display the count of records for each Area Office.

    If you don't want to group the report, there are several alternatives, for example:
    <UL><LI>Create a totals query that counts the number of sales per area office for the regional manager selected in the combo box (using criteria of the form Forms!frmSomething!cboRegionalManager). Create a report based on this query, and place this as a subreport in the report footer section of the main report.
    <LI>If the number of regional offices is not too large, you can put text boxes in the report footer for each of them, with an expression using DCount in the control source:

    =DCount("*", "tblSomething", "[Regional Office] = 'North' And [Regional Manager]=" & [Regional Manager])[/list]Substitute the appropriate names.

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