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    Updating partially complete tasks to a status date (2000)

    I am working on a very complex project, and I need to be able to update partially completed work as of a particular date. For example, I want to be able to show a task is 25% complete as of a particular date (say, Aug 12) -- and I would like Project to reschedule the remaining 75% of the work to start after Aug 12.

    Currently, I enter 25% complete in the "Update Tasks" item and then I "Update Project" to show remaining work starting after Aug 12. Is this correct?
    The dates seem to work out OK, but the solid black bar (showing actual work completed) is displayed in the correct area (before Aug 12 -- BUT ALSO it is shown as occurring after Aug 12. Does this mean something?

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    Re: Updating partially complete tasks to a status date (2000)


    Your input of 25% and then to show remaining work after Aug 12 is one way to do this. However, the % Complete you are updating is based on the duration of the task. Thus if the duration of the task is increased based on the work done and the % complete remains at 25%, then the bar may do as you are saying as it is still depicting 25% of the total task duration.

    If resource loading, you might want to update the % Work complete. Check the settings in Project since when doing this the updating % Complete is typically set to modify the % Work Complete accordingly. (You may want to uncheck this setting.)


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