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    Open Document in Macro (Office 2002)

    I have a macro made in Office 97 that still works in Office 2000. If basically open the list of files in a certain folder for the user with the *.* in filename. At that point they could scroll down and double click on the file they wanted to open. In office 2002 this macro works up to the point of listing the files, but when the user double clicks on the file they want, no file shows on the screen. Can anyone tell me what I need to put in the macro to let them open a file to their screen.

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    Re: Open Document in Macro (Office 2002)

    Does the code look like this? If not, can you substitute this?

    Sub myFileOpen()
    ' Display File>Open... dialog filtering to all files; let user do what he/she wants to
    With Dialogs(wdDialogFileOpen)
    .Name = "*.*"
    End With
    ' Macro has no idea whether the user opened a file or not
    End Sub

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