For everyone who insists on trying to make Windows Update work in Windows XP, 2000, NT and 98, when Office has a separate update site, Win Media does its own, Direct X It's Own, IE its own, and Technet has several sites that list 99% of the Updates in Windows Update and emails notification in advance of Windows Update free:

Microsoft Windows Update Troubleshooter
The Future Windows Update Mechanism: Microsoft Windows Installer 3.0 Set To Test Soon
Reference: Lounge: Windows Update Corporate Location (Win XP Thread 13 August 2003)

Thanks to Jefferson for these links from: Reference Lounge: Can't Use Windows Update XP Thread Post 280451 Windows XP Thread 13 August 2003:

1) Microsoft Windows XP Download Center in Reverse Chronological Order 312 Current Offers
2) Windows XP Downloads Keywords Security Reverse Chronlogical Order 69 Current Offers

The first link is a relatively new site, and the latter is the Corporate Site--I'm still looking for significant differences in functionality with it and the standard Windows Update site, but personalizing either of them might help for fans of Windows Update. The second is their new version (hopefully a fixed one) of what is currently Windows Update. I have found rarely using Windows Update if ever, and using Technet notification, news sites like CNET gets me every update, and the security patches 99% of Win Update early, and I avoid the hassle of repeat reminders for Updates I had weeks ago, and driver notifications for very antiquated old driver editions compared with the manufacture or other gamer driver collection sites. It also keeps me from having to enable the broken Windows Update system so that it can bothering me with its unending chain of errors and incorrect information in my notification area. Maybe they will fix it in 2005 or 2006 in Longhorn, but meanwhile...