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    Question about install

    Howdy all. I'm getting ready to do a fresh install (after formatting), and have a question about procedure. I'd like to install from the HDD, instead of the cd, so I know that I need to copy the cd to the HDD first. The question is - do I need to simply copy the entire cd, or just certain parts of it? This is currently a dual boot system with 98SE, and I'm planning on leaving the current W2K installation in place until I get things up and running with the fresh installation. At present, 98SE is on c:, and W2K is on g:. The new install will be on c:, with g: being deleted in the near future. On second thought, since I'll still have a functioning W2K partition on g:,, can I format c:, and run install from there? Thanks,

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    Re: Question about install

    <UL><LI>If you are installing W2K from the hard drive, you will have to install from a working OS. Win2K does not install from a DOS prompt. <LI>It is more than likely that C: is your system drive; particularly since you're running W9x. Thus, do not try to format it.<LI>There are 6 main subdirectories on my W2K Pro install disk. Of these, you should only need the I386 subdirectory.<LI>An alternate way of "playing safe" is to install from the CD. Copy the root files from the CD as well as the I386 subdirectory to your partition of choice. Backup the registry. Search through the registry and change the CD drive letter references to the drive letter of your "partition of choice".[/list]HTH

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