Hi there.
My main working Desktop PC has XP home edition (Italian - fully updated) and I run Office XP (with frontpage) Italian version. My main laptop has XP pro Italian (again pretty much fully updated) and runs Office XP (with frontpage) English version.
I have them connected via a WiFi network. The Desktop acts as the internet connection gateway (wireless access point is connected via a fast ethernet card and cross over cable) and the laptop accesses the net through that. For security, I have decided to make only the secondary partitions on both hard drives (i.e. what would then be the D: drive) shared (but I could change this if necessary).
I would like to have a way of synchronising as much outlook information as possible.
Regarding email - I have seen another thread mentioning setting the main PC as the one to clear email from the server and configuring the laptop to download but not clear. This seems a sensible workaround.
Regarding Calendar, Contacts, Activities etc. I would like to have them synchronised as often and as fully as possible.
Any suggestions?
Many thanks for any help with this.