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    contents of 'Styles and Formatting' pane (2002)

    I've come to rely heavily on Word's Styles and Formatting pane, but something about it has always perplexed me...

    Let's say I open a new document based on, and lets say my is more or less pristine, and that no other templates are attached.

    In the Styles and Formatting pane, if I select "Show: Available formatting" or "Show: Available styles" , I see four styles listed (along with Clear Formatting). Makes sense to me.

    But when I switch Show to "Show: All Styles" I see a hefty list. So where do all those styles come from, since they seem to not be based in

    This is probably one of those questions that has an obvious answer, so I'm hoping someone here can educate me...


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    Re: contents of 'Styles and Formatting' pane (2002)

    A large number of styles is built into Word; they are not stored in unless you either open and use the style, or modify the style. These styles are available even if you throw away; they come with word itself.

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