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    workspace copying (xp)

    can you copy workspaces in excel? i have a template folder with a workspace consisting of 2 linked workbooks. i am trying to use this to copy into a new folder (via explorer) for each new project i have. for each new project i apply many changes to this template. for the first try at this, i have found that the data i enter in the new folder (that the template workspace is copied into for future alterations) is automatically updating to my blank template. every time i save my work applied to this new project in a separate folder, it goes back to my template folder and saves it there too. i don't want this blank template to be altered. why is this link occuring and how can i troubleshoot?

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    Re: workspace copying (xp)

    The "workspace" file is essentially a list of the files that it is supposed to open: It is NOT the files themselves. If you open FIleA, FIleB and FIleC and save the workspace, it becomes a simple way of opening all 3 files by opening just 1 workspace. You could still open and save any of the files individually and it would still work.

    If you COPY the workspace file (*.xlw) and give it a new name, unless you EDIT it (and it is NOT straight text, but it does have the file names in text) and I have not played with any way to do this (perhaps it can be manipulated in VB? I haven't tried) you will STILL OPEN the same files as before.

    You have to give the workspace a new name and then save ALL the files IN the workspace with new names and then save the workspace.


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