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    Calculating Formulas (Excel 2000)

    I'm trying to calculate a sales formula that looks at 2 other cells also containing formulas. The problem is that when I come across something that contains a 0 as the divisor, it reads the values from the other formulas through other worksheets (not attached). I need a formula that states "look at the 'value' of the 2 cells and calculate based on that, not the formulas within the cells". I hope that makes sense. Please see attached document. You'll be looking for the cells containing 2043100% (as in E24). Thanks!

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    Re: Calculating Formulas (Excel 2000)

    The formula in E24 does use the values of C24 and D24. The problem is that D24 has been formatted with 0 decimals, so it displays as a whole number. If you format it as General, you'll see that the actual value is 0.000929914.
    If you are sure this should be counted as 0, you could change the formula to =IF(ABS(D24)>0.001,((C24-D24)/D24),0)
    Another possibility is to round the value in D24: =ROUND(SUM(C24/C$41),0) and leave the formula in E24 unchanged.

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