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    Outlook Express Alive, Well and Part of Windows (OE6SP1)

    Outlook Express will not be discontinued, afterall. It's going to be made part of Windows Longhorn 2005. Someone just forgot to communicate it to Dan Leach the Product Manager of Outlook Express before he announced it would be stopped.

    OE doesn't bring in as much direct income, true, but I'd argue it's newsreader education alone for MSN newsgroups has an indirect significant income effect.

    I'm kind of glad, because I spent all this time drilling OE sites trying to learn its little mysteries, and I hated to have the OE learning curve time the last few months go down the drain.

    And what would have happened to all those OE afficianado OE MS MVP sites like Tomsterdam if it had been killed? The Lounge's OE Section wouldn't have had as many new posts!

    Outlook Alive and Well as it Joins Windows Longhorn 2005

    Outcry Forces Reprieve for Outlook Express

    Someone Forgot to Tell Product Manager Dan Leach In Time to Announce Outlook Express's Demise Prematurely.

    OE CPR Successful: On Life Support: May Get Makeover

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    Re: Outlook Express Alive, Well and Part of Wind

    Glad to know it.

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