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    Illegal Operations: EXCEL causing Page Faults

    I have been having some problems with Excel (illegal Operations messages have occured a few times when doing simple things). When I reopened the file after the Illegal Operation shut down, I got a message saying the spreadsheet was protected. After clicking OK to the message, the file opened in regular (not read only) mode. Then, I started getting the "protection message" on other filles that I opened but each time the file opened without being in "read only" mode. I recently added the PUP2000t add-in. Has any one heard of "illegal operation" page faults and protection being assocuated with PUP2000t installation? I am operating with EXCEL 97 off a Novel LAN.

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    Re: Illegal Operations: EXCEL causing Page Faults


    I presume you're not doing the sort of illegal operations which are causing a lot of controversy.

    From time to time. I've been getting these with Excel. They mostly occurred after I was using VBA to do some unusual things with charts. But it may have been one of the other VBA commands which was causing the problem.

    What version of Excel do you have?

    I have Excel 2000. I had some extreme problems recently with some big, heavily worked worksheets. I could not save changes of any kind after a while. I ended up saving them as html pages, and then reopening them as Excel documents.

    I could not have done this in Excel 97 and still retained the macros. Everything else seems to have been retained perfectly. The files are half their original size.

    This may not help- but then again...
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