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    Mapping Tweak UI to Registry (Home/Pro, I guess)

    I haven't been using XP long, so this might be old news to you all, but this seemed to me to be an interesting sample chapter from Microsoft Press:

    <A target="_blank" HREF="">Microsoft

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    Re: Mapping Tweak UI to Registry (Home/Pro, I guess)

    It's a great book and that is an interesting chapter for people who like connecting tweaks to registry locations-- and Jerry Honeycutt is a great resource for his registry tips and articles and he also does a lot of scripting articles and tweaks which you would enjoy. I have the other two mainstream registry books, and they both have good material--but Jerry's is the best indexed and is packed with tips and he is very informal and makes it interesting. Here are some more resources from Jerry Honeycutt--Kevin has a question up about scripting an uninstall for XP and I've been looking through Jerry's articles now for it.

    Previous Columns by Jerry Honeycutt

    Transcript Chat About the Windows Registry with Jerry Honeycutt

    Jerry Honeycutt's Site

    Jerry Honeycutt's MSN Group for this Book


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