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    mpg downloads as mp2 (Media player XP)

    For some odd reason, my computer started downloading mpg/mpeg files as mp2, which are audio files. Has anyone else had this happen or know what to do? I've reloaded Windows Media Player for XP with no results.
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    Re: mpg downloads as mp2 (Media player XP)

    I found this by Microsoft's ZachD in the newsgroups:
    <hr>Guessing off-hand, you have a separate application owning .mp2 ownership. The MIME Database is mapping the file you downloaded to this file extension, and the .mp2 extension owner should then be used. This is all speculation though.

    You can either associate .mp2 files to WMP using the WMP's View | Options | Formats menu, or you can edit the registry. In the registry, you would need to go to:
    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTMIMEDatabaseContent Type
    and look for registry values under all these subkeys reading ".mp2". Change these to ".mpg" if the keys start with "video/". If you still have this problem, change all registry values of ".mp2" in this section to ".mpg".<hr>
    I hope this helps.

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