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    XP Windows Update (All)

    I use Windows Update to update my computer, as do others in my office, and also at home. These downloads are pretty large running into many megs and we only have access to 56K internet access. Is there a way to save these as files to cut down on multiple downloads.

    Sorry if this has been asked before I would try the search if it was available.

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    Re: XP Windows Update (All)

    1. Click Start | All Programs | Windows Update
    2. When the Windows Update window appears, click "Personalize Windows Update" under "Other Options" on the left pane
    3. Check "Display the link to the Windows Update Catalog..." checkbox and click "Save Settings" button
    4. Click "Windows Update Catalog" under "See also" on the left pane.
    5. Choose the option ("Find update for WIndows" or "Find driver updare")
    6. Choose your version of Windows ("Windows XP SP1" or "Windows XP RTM" if you didn't install SP1 yet)
    7. Find the patch you need and download it.

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