I've had a love/hate relationship with Microsoft, particularly MS Money. A few versions ago they decided to forgo the standard windows interface in favor of something that looks more like a web site -- I still haven't forgiven them. I switched to Quicken for a few years but still longed for the old Money interface. When I saw that the latest Money (2004) included the pocket pc version, I decided to give it another try. I'm still unhappy with the interface (I really don't need to browse the web using Money and I really don't appreciate any of Microsoft's offers, third party or otherwise ).

However, the pocket pc version of Money is pretty darn useful. I tend to use cash a lot but my budget gets out of whack unless I keep better track of my cash spending. Now that I can enter each transaction as soon as it's complete, I'm finally on my way to balanced budget.

What's nice is that you don't have to have Money installed on your computer to make use of the portable version. You can download Money and install it on your pocket pc for free.