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    Outlook 97 to Access 97

    I have a customer who wants their employees to submit a Help Desk request via an Outlook form (because everyone has Outlook and not everybody has Access). I then want this info that will already be in fields to get dumped into Access so we can create Work Requests, To Do lists, etc. Any ideas?

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    Re: Outlook 97 to Access 97

    The method you are describing actually sounds like one of the more difficult ways to collect the information. I envision a PC running Outlook with an unattended mailbox and when a message comes in it runs a special rule and stuffs the data into Access. Or you could send the message to a human and have her or him run a procedure to move the data from one place to the other. The problem with these approaches is making sure you get all the data you need from the user - the front end validation - and the limitations of Outlook 97.

    Other options include:
    (1) create a front end using VBA in Word or Excel
    (2) put a form on an intranet server
    (3) write a stand-alone application

    These options would allow users to append directly to the database - no Access needed, just DAO or ADO. And the forms can have more sophisticated prompting and error checking.

    But someone who knows how to script forms in Outlook 97 and to tap into messages using Access 97, might well tell me I'm missing something obvious.

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