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    Numbering Tables and Figures (AGAIN) (XP)

    Last week I posted a problem I was having numbering Tables and Figures using chapter numbers. Hans posted a reply, and I thought that took care of it. Alas, all that did was make all the tables and figures number sequentially, WITHOUT restarting with each chapter. I need to understand why what I am doing isn't working. I am selecting a table, inserting a reference|caption, checking "include chapter numbers" - section begins with "Heading 8", and typing in the title. Each Table ends up being numbered II-1, Figure IV-1. I have done a search for all instances of "Heading 8" and it is only on each chapter title page. The client needs this document yesterday, so any polite suggestions would be welcome.
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    Re: Numbering Tables and Figures (AGAIN) (XP)

    Press view the field codes (Alt+F9) and post what they are for, say, the first two table captions of a problem chapter.

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    Re: Numbering Tables and Figures (AGAIN) (XP)

    Assuming your chapters are numbered and set at outline level 1 you should have modified the switch to "s1" in the field codes which makes the figures restart after a level 1 paragraph.

    Thus the field codes for each Table caption will look like this {StyleRef "Heading 1" n }-{ SEQ Table s1 } where "Heading 1" is the chapter style

    If you can't work this out, post a sample file (containing just some sample captions) and we can modify it to show you how its done.
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