Hi All,
I just spent a day wrestling with a bizarre problem and wanted to share the fix in case you encounter it. The symptom was that IE 5.01 SP1 would hang when connecting to ASP pages, the virus checker would crash after checking a few files, and outlook 98 was a bit twitchy too.

Although I have never had problems with the McAfee definition files, this week's definition file (4131xdat.exe) seemed to make my virus checker (McAfee Ver 4.0.4130) unhappy even though the file seemed to install itself OK.

The fix was to copy the C:Program FilesMcAfee VirusScanOldDats*.sav files back to the C:Program FilesMcAfee VirusScan directory, rename those files so cases match the originals, and put the correct suffix on the file (e.g., CLEAN.sav became clean.dat).

Once I did that, everything worked and I could repeat the problem after downloading a fresh copy of the definitions from McAfee's web site. This impacted IE because I have web scanning enabled and it got stuck trying to scan pages because the definition file was messed up. Here is a summary of the software involved:

IE 5.01 SP1
McAfee Ver 4.0.4130

I hope you don't encounter this problem, but if you do I hope this helps!

Greg M